Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are We There Yet?

I can almost see it if I stand on my tippy toes and squint real hard . . .  
the faintest hint of  . . . .
wait for it!  -

 My absolute FAVORITE time of year.  This golden season slips by waaaaay to fast every year for my liking so I try to enjoy evey minute of it.  
So these last few mornings as I wake up to temperatures that begin just a hint cooler than a broiler oven the usual heat wave at, and a wad of kids' school supplies receipts replaces most of the money in my wallet, I find myself hyperventilating  eagerly anticipating the big yellow school bus (my kids don't ride it but that's not the point) and the parental happy dance that accompanies the return of my sanity  the First Day of School, which marks my favorite season.  ;)


crisp sunny days and crisp crunchy leaves = perfect jogging weather

baking apple pies

picking out pumpkins and carving them

three words:  Pumpkin.  Spice.  Latte.

some new decorating DIY projects around the house with my Mr ;)

a fun road trip to coast planned (photo adventure time!)

halloween costume parties

Thanksgiving (I LOVE TURKEY)

Coming up with a fun birthday party fo rmy son who turns 11 this year (any good ideas for a pre-teen's birthday please post your suggestions in the comments! )

Christmas present shopping ( I like to start mine in fall and be FINISED by December 1st)

dreaming up new christmas dinner recipes to try ( Mmmm MORE TURKEY!)  If you have any good ones please feel free to share and I will post on this blog (to your credit of course ;)

What seasons and their accompanying activities/festivities  do you look forward to?

Standing on my tippy toes and squinting really REALLY hard,



  1. Janice,
    Paul & I both love the fall season the best, too!
    you described a lot of our favorite things, too...Bless you and your family :)

    Debbie K.

  2. Hi Janice,

    I love fall too! I love the combo of nice and warm days and then the nights being as crisp as a tree ripened apple. I'm looking forward to all the things autumn brings. I am looking forward to switching out from tanks and shorts to sweaters and jeans.

    I am looking forward to your next post!

    - Barb

    Using my honey's laptop so thus the anonymity of my comment :)