Monday, August 20, 2012

Prints & Projects

Well, I did it! I finally got some work uploaded onto the ArtistRising site, as promised. YAY!  You can click HERE to go see my online gallery and check out my "Artist's Profile"  etc.  I don't have alot in my gallery yet since I have to go through my archives to pull up all tof the work I've been wanting to post. But it will get there! I also hope to do a few new painting projects this month as well. So far I have 8 photograph prints and 1 acrylic painting for sale on the site and I will add more art and art/photo collections as I go through my archives and (hopefully) catagorize them.

Speaking of painting projects, hee hee, I am helping my husband with one of HIS painting projects this week.   We are converting a former church nursery-turned-storage-room into a fully-operational  office space,  so I will do a full Before & After post on that for the DIY section of this blog this week.

Loaded paintbrushes and not nearly enough dropcloths in the world,  ha ha ha

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