Friday, August 3, 2012

More Favorites ....

Time for this friday's favorites again.  I hope you have all enjoyed your week, and if not, cheer up because it's nearly over!  We've had an especially busy week around here and it's going to be busy right on into the weekend a bit. But you know what? That's okay because first thing next Monday morning we'll be packing up the kids to go camping for a few days! Really looking forward to that and you can count on a post with the camping pics once we're back.

Favorite #1 - THIS FACE :)  I was looking through photos to add to my photo gallery (click on the Photo Gallery tab at the top of this blog to check it out)  and I came across one of my adorable sons at age 10 months. Look at those cheeks! mwaaa!

Favorite # 2  - Red Velvet cupcakes

My longtime obsession with these delicious southern treats was only deepened this week after making a whole batch of them and topping them with fresh local cherries. I would have posted one of my own photos of the ones I had made, but in all honesty we ate them all before I even thought of reaching for my camera, haha!  

Favorite #3 - peaceful places to think (or read!)
Doesnt the branch of this tree look like the perfect "chair" to sit on and think deep thoughts? haha. It's right along one of my favorite running routes and each time I run past it I tell myself that I'm going to sit on it one day and read a book! (I sense a new year's resolution brewing)

Favorite #4 - tiny baby birds!

My mom took this photo - I've never seen birds this young before, she took this photo right after she watched them hatch!   Way to catch a photo opp, mom ;)  (I'm so proud!)

Favorite #5 - good friends ;)

My girl Jocelyn on the right, my former roommate and one of my good friends, with whom I have shared many adventures with over the years is coming to visit this weekend, yay! Yes I realize this photo is not in any way professional and ridiculously unflattering, but I love that cause it makes me laugh every time I see it!

What are some of your favorites this friday? Comment below!

More hugs than cupcakes,

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