Sunday, June 17, 2012

Top 5 Weekend Favorites

How was your weekend?  Was is hot and sunny?  Or did you wake up to find a blizzard outstide your window?  Or was it just Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?  hahaha  (my kids liked that movie)
Being where I live, I got a combimation of weather, It was pouring buckets when I woke up this morning, and overcast as we headed out for the day.
this was the sight that greated me earlier in the evening as I headed for long overdue visit to my wonderful, dearly missed, never-get-enough-time-with-her friend Barb's house ( I have blogged about her several times in the past, at least) you can visit her too, at

Favorite #1 - sunhine-lit orchards and vineyards - right at my doorstep

I pulled over, super excited that I ACTUALLY had my ACTUAL full slr camera ACTUALLY with me for an unexpected photo opp of nature.
So I pulled it out, pressed the shutter and .....  nothing happened.
No memory card! 
No problem, because unbeleiveably I just so happned to have my smaller kodak camera on hand also. ( almost never happens that I have both at the same time)  I hastily grabbed the memory card from that one, popped it into my camera and . . . . . .   nothing happened.

{That awkward feeling when you realize the battery is dead}

DOH!   I know, I know, rookie mistake! 

So this pics was taken with the only other camera I had with a working battery, my Kodak Play-ful waterproof camera.  Which is my new favorite back-up camera!

Favorite #2 - Kodak Play-ful waterproof camera

I brought this baby along with us to Mexico and it held it's own in some pretty big waves! haha

Favoite #3 - cute rocker-girl guitar picks

Ive been goofing around on my guitar for years with only a handful of lessons under my belt ( I prefer to teach myself) and I couldn't resist taking a pic of the funky picks that caight my eye in the music store today!

Favorite #4 -Mango-Pinapple fruit smoothies from McDonald's

Totally addicted.     Seriously.

My Starbucks frappaccino days are in danger of extinction!

Favorite #5 - Smiley-face balloons! ( a whole laz-e-boy full of 'em!)

I wished my amazing husband a happy birthday with these balloons stacked up hiding his wrapped gift on the seat of his recliner.  Fun bonus: I handed him a thumbtack to pop the balloons, because each one had a personal little note or homemade coupon inside for him!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I hope you had a chance to enjoy one or two of your favorite things. Or maybe you had an opportunity to discover a new favorite thing!  -J