Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project #22 Desert Canyon

The canyon surrounding Steamboat Rock (which is a state park in Washington, USA) was once the riverbed to the wildly raging Columbia River, before it switched courses, about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, after the Missoula |Floods,  when it took a more direct course south.
 - J

Prtoject #21 Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

It all started with a solar flare coming off the sun, just a few weeks ago.  I was coming home for lunch and as I got out of car I saw a rainbow- colored wave of light in the sky above my house. I ran to get my camera so I could show it to you all!

It's not as pretty as when you see it at night, the colors aren't as bright. But it's still the Northern Lights, so it's a privilege to have the opportunity to see them. And during the day at that!

Sending pretty lights your way to brighten your day,

Project #20 Macro

 I was out risking my neck in my rose garden, waiting for one of two things to happen: I would either get a photo of a bumblebee, or I would get stung by one,   As you can see from my previous post, thankfully I was able to safely snap my photos and get outta there, haha.

 While I was waiting for my photo op to come along, I tried out some macro shots of the flowers. I still haven't replaced my macro lens, so this is the best my camera could do, given the 18-55mm lens that I have.

Super Thankful I Wasn"t Stung By A Bee,

Project #19 Bees!

Definitely my scariest adventure yet! hahaha.  I am one of those people who is not just aftaid of bees,  I am absolutely PETRIFIED of them. I really couldn't even tell you why. I AM allergic, although not to the point of being anaphalactic. I just swell up to about 12x's the norm, hahaha. (I asked my doctor once, since I have no epi-pen, what Ishould do in the event that I should happen to get stung on or around my neck/throat. He said "Just don't get stung on the neck".  Gee, thanks Tips! ) Not only that,  but I am also one of those individuals who, despite my BEST efforts,  just cannot handle staying still when there is a bee around. Yup, I'm the lunatic running willy nilly across the yard, limbs flailing wildy. Sad but true.  Those you who have witnessed this not-so-rare occasion, you can stop laughing now.

So I spent the afternoon in amongst my backyard rosebushes,  literally risking my neck for you all, trying to get a shot of a bumblebee! I saw the most ENORMOUS bee I've ever seen. No kidding, this thing was almost twice the size of my thumb!  He was bobbing through the air almost as if his weight were too much for his little wings, hahaha.  If he had just stayed still long enough, I could have gotten a photo of him. But my poor jangled nerves wouldn't let me get close enough. I did manage to get a pic of this little guy here though. And then I got the hell-o outta there!

Chubby Bumblebees and Frazzled Nerves,

Project #18 Columns

Following along the same architechural path,  one of my favorite elements is columns.   I love columns and pillars, and arches as well ( I will do a separate project on those).

These columns are part of the same building as last post,  the Electrical Developement Co. of Ontario, established in 1906. Located right on the shoreline of Niagara Falls. 

Frantically Catching Up,

Project #17 - Architecture

Sometimes I wonder if I was supposed to have been an architect, since I could stare are these marvelous monuments to great vision and effort for hours.  I deeply appreciate each and every painstaking detail that went into these masterpieces.
It i ssuch a shame that buildings aren't built like this anymore.  It's because no one these days has the willingness to commit to a lifetme of hard work, without seeing the finished result.  I guess people's work ethics have changed.  Modern attitudes have evolved.  Once upon a time,  a person worked hard, giving his or her very best effort,  satisfied in the knowledge to have contributed to something greater than his or her- self.   There was no impatient rush to see the finished project or bask in the glory of due credit.  It all came down to honor, doing your job to the very best of your ability, no shortcuts. .
Nowadays it sadly seems that it's all about efficiency.  Getting the most 'bang for your back". And everyone wants instant gratification.  No one is patient enough to wait for the time it takes to create a long-lasting masterpeice, they want to do everything as cheaply as possible,  as quickly as possible.
You just don't ever really know what you've got, until it's gone.
I raise my glass in honor of all those who have ever had a hand in building such incredible testatments to the masterpieces mankind is capable of accomplishing through vision and a lifetime of hard work.

In Admiration,

Project # 16 - Waterfalls

Now, I'm a big fan of all bodies of water, so of course I was thrilled for the opportunity to see the breathtaking waterfalls in Niagara Falls, Ontario just the other week.  And since I had a request for a photo project of a waterrfall,  I thought, well, I'm not gonna just photograph any ol' waterfall, I'm gonna photograph the biggest waterfall in Canada! 

Biggest Waterfalls and even bigger hugs for all of you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Updates & Adventures

Long time, no post! 
Once again, I've gotten waaaay behind in my project posts,  Ahhhh! I actually had someone ask me the other day if I still lived in town, hahaha.   I guess that's what happens when you live a life of "adventure and intrigue", haha!   People don"t run into you at the grocery store for a few weeks and start thinking you've moved outta town!
I've had a few months oflittle  "adventures" lately,  to all of which I brought along my camera, and to none of which I brought along my laptop. And when I got home I had some temporary internets difficulties, (frustrating!).  But I'm back, and ready to share some of my adventures with you!
Now where were we? Ahhh yes,  I have already showed you my trip to Fernie for the hockey tournament. 
After that was my trip to lovely Seattle!  Take a look... 
Rusty's Drive In is where I stopped along the way for a dinner break. They had the yummiest old fashioned burgers and milkshakes!

Pike Place Market  was so much fun,  it had everything there!  Including of course.....

the very first, original Starbucks Coffee.  I stood in a lineup that went all the way out the door and down the street.  The lineup began before the shop had even opened that morning and was just as long when I passed by in late afternoon. Busy place! 

I had fantastic weather the whole time, with just a little bit of drizzle on Easter monday morning, as I walked to the Cheesecake Factory. (oh my word, I thought I'd died and gone to cheesecake heaven!) 
Here's a few more pics showcasing my Seattle adventure....
I got caught in trafffic on the interstatefor over 3 hours on my way that friday.... this guy (pictured above) got so bored he was skatebaording up and  down the middle of the highway. 

An alley close to Pke Place market. So many restaurants and bistros in the alleys, and they all smelled so good...

This hotel was built in 1904! It has been refurbished but is still the original bulding. I loved it's interior, with the eclectic mix of old fashioned charm with modern artsy twists.   I forgot to get a photo of the bathroom with its pedestal sink and big claw-foot bathtub. Next time!
I spotted this chair in a storefront window. Wouldnt this make an interesting conversation peice in someone's living room? (Just not mine)

the Seattle Glass Blowing studio and gallery had a class going on , and they let me watch!

pretty, flower lined sidewalks

a tower of instruments

Seattle's first jail. which is now under the sidewalks of today's city.

sunset from the top of the Space Needle

Thus concludes my Seattle adventure until next time. I can't wait to go there again!