Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Week In Photos

As described, our week in photos.   I am embarrassed  to admit that I have recently caved into the pressure of all the iphone users out there. I'm looking into one for myself. I have to thank all the cool features of Instagram for tipping the scales for me hahaha.  My "days/weekends in photos" posts  could start to get real interesting real soon!  (and my poor husband thought I was already too snap happy before . . .hahaha! ) 
In the meantime, here's how our week went:
here's the Before

and then primed, with the first coat of paint on (most of) the walls, haha

Then with the accent color...

Then, a baby shower,

the tiny guest of honor, Theosha-Rae ;)

I never did get enough time (or supplies) needed for my cupcake tree the way I intended it to look, (its just on a traditional cupcake tiered 'tree') but my ever-creative friend Barb made a fantastic suggestion while she was here for the baby shower, and it only required using something I already had in my house! SO EXCITED TO TRY IT! If I get a chance this weekend.I will try it out and take a few pics!) pumpkin cupcakes anyone?

Editing these pics of this lovely lady....

And now as we head into the long weekend (without kids) it's time for my Mr,. and I to spend some quality time together before the onslaught of schedules in our daily life threatens our sanity, hahaha!

Happy September 1st! 
Pumpkin Spice Latte's for everyone,


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