Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Friday Favorites

woot woot!  It's my favorite day of the week again! Somehow fridays are always more productive for some reason. Maybe there's motivation to work harder knowing there's a day off coming? who knows, haha. 
here's some favorites of mine this week:

These handmade "coffee cozies"

Besides keeping your hands protected from the scalding hot coffee to-go cups, it's re-usuable  (aka enviro- friendly) and personalized - so you can tell your drink apart from everyone else's ( helpful when you buy a round of coffees for all your friends or coworkers!) and TOTALLY ADORABLE ( who doesn't love puppies?)
I want one!
THIS perfume has been my favorite wear-it-every-day-'cause-it-smells-divine scent for years now
I actually have almost run out of it (again) and so I'm trying desperately to limit myself to just wearing it occasionally until I can get more. In the meantime, I've just been wearing a good 'ol standby, vanilla oil from The Body Shop.
The three little words:
For some strang ereason my kids don't liek these words nearly as much as I do, hahaha!  But the school supplies shopping is a fun part, and we always have a back-to-school party with, you guessed it - CUPCAKES!
Speaking of school, that brings me to my next favorite,
This painting: by one of my favorite artist's, Elsie Larson of Red Velvet Art
I wish I could fill my entire house with her paintings. Love love love!
WE are still mid-way through our paitning project so that still has to be finished up this weekend. Tonight is our regular "friday pizza and a movie" night (can hardly wait!) and hopefully tomorrow we can finish painting th eaccent walls and so soem grocery shopping down across the line in "the americas". School supply shopping might get postponed till sunday, and I still have preparations for teh baby shower next week. Oh, and at some point I have to reorganize the supply closet in my art studio, and a few home closets as well.
That concliudes my to-do list for the weekend. What are your plans?
Weekends fuller than my unorganized closets, haha

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