Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Two-Day Work Week Is My Favorite

Since we went camping last week, I actually had one of my dreams come true: a "two day work week" ! My only regret is that it was a one time deal and I wished it could be like that every week, hahaha! ( although I'm sure my bank account wouldn't like that very much ;)  Thus, my dream was short-lived, haha.
 Ok!  So since I had alot of work crammed into a short work week I only just finished my draft for my weekly favorites today, 

Favorite #1  the Artist Rising website

I'm all registered and ready to start selling my photo prints, as well as some original paintings, Whoo hoo! I should have my artist profile and listed items showing up on the site by next Monday. I'll post a link here on my blog as soon as I see it up ;)

Favorite #2 Feather Earrings.... make unique rearview mirror decorations!

Yup, I hung one in my car of all places. ( I know, I'm a weirdo!)
My friend and business partner Kendall (whom I've featured here before) was window shopping last weekend and spotted some gorgeous turquoise feather earrimgs.  And she just knew they needed a home - with me! So she picked them up for me ( thanks again, girl!)   I love feather earrings so much I've already done a whole blog post about them before hahaha. (click here to see the very first one I bought and the story about why I love them so much) .  I thought I would share with you a photo of the newest ones I got to add to my collection this week. I only ever wear one at a time ( I usually wear a silver hoop earring in the other ear for added "unique-ness") And, since I tend to lose more earrings than I can count, (the other reason why I susally wear mismatched earrings, haha)  I hung the other one from the rearview mirror of my car so that if I lose the one I'm wearing I always know exactly where my spare is hahaha!
Personally I like how it looks with my miniature wooden surfboard!

Favorite #3 Watkins Bite Balm
photo credit
My most important "must have" item for camping - especially when you have kids!!  I haven't found anything that works as quickly as this stuff when it comes to instant relief from pesky bug bites. (note: this stuff works wonders on horse-fly bites too!)

Favorite #4 -  latte art
I saw this and thought it was too adorable. My friend Ashley loves giraffes so I sent it to her cellphone cause it made me think of her.  I was a barista once upon a time ( a very very long time ago, in a land far far away) and I was pretty good at it but my talents fell far from drawing animals with milk foam!

(photo credit)     I found this on Elsie Larson's blog, somewhere in the archives one day.(I'm obsessed with her blog lately - She's incredibly inspiring, I love love love her creations!)

Favorite #5   handmade nail decor from cut vinyl.
My creative genius friend Barb "kidnapped" me on my lunch break yesterday and surprised me with a lovely lunchtime manicure/pedicure while we visited and caught up on each other's lives. She is so sweet the way she surprises me with things like this, just to make me feel special when she knows I've been stressed or worn down. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful friend! She cut the hearts from crafting vinyl, painted them with nail polish and then set them on my freshly polished nails, and added a little flower on top for added cuteness.
She doesn't know it yet, but I'm working on a little surprise for HER as well!

I'm off to finally learn how to do canning (my husband and I are canning yummy okanagan fruit to stock up before the season in over!)

I  hope you all have an inspired week!

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