Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things You Didn't Know: cupcakes grow on trees

I just love this idea of a "cupcake tree"!  
 photo credit to Cupcake Tree Bakery
I just love the idea of cupcakes growing on trees, haha. very Tim Burton -like, don't you think?  I decided the baby shower I'n hosting next week needs a cupcake tree, so Ive been on the hunt for a DIY  project how- to and I came across this;
love. love. love!   
If you haven't already guessed,  my current obsession with "Alice In Wonderland" has inspired my theme for the baby shower, which will be a Mad Hatter Tea Party ;)  And in my humble opinion, no wonderland tea party would be complete without a whimsical cupcake tree! I'll post the photos of the shower so you can see how the "tree" turned out!
Well,  I'm off to hunt for stuff for my newest project ( which I will also post the how-to in my DIY section)
Top Hats and Teapots,

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  1. Awwww - I keep missing your Fridays, I will make it one day and you will fall over in disbelief! All your faves have me questioning what mine are. I'm off on all sorts of tangents. Sooo excited for your baby shower, its going to be so cool!

    ♥ Barb