Friday, April 22, 2011

Project #15 -The Wonders of Engineering

This is the Grande Coulee Dam, in Grande Coulee, WA.  ( U.S.)

Ah, the wonders of engineering!  Becuase of dams, we have all the electricity to power all of the modern conveniences that most of us take for granted, every single day. 

 I have so much respect for engineers and the work they do. They forever changed the way the modern world works. And before you make any good arguments about how it also started the slow destruction of the planet and nature all that, maybe you want to pause to unplug the computer you're reading this on? You see because like it or not, the only reason you are able to read this blog, is becuase of dams like these.

Remember the spontaneous road trip I told you about in the last post? Well, this is where I ended up. 

Grande Coulee does light shows on the face of the dam on summer nights. I have yet to see a show cause it's too early in the year, but I've heard they are great, so I really can't wait  to see for myself what al the fuss is about!

And yes, it was still raining when I got there. Good thing I had the umbrella!

Giant hydro dams and even bigger raindrops,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project #14 - The Randomly Bizarre.....

Every once in awhile, as you drive along on a spontaneous sunday afternoon day trip adventure, something out the window catches your eye that makes you say " Whaaaaaaat the......"  ???

That's where this photo came from.
 Not long ago, I spontaneously jumped in the car to spend a rainy sunday doing a day trip adventure down in "the Americas", as I like to call it,  hehe So, I grabbed my passport and an umbrella, and off I went!

I had been driving awhile, seeing fields of snow and fog and not much else until .....  "Whaaaaaat the...." ?
I actually turned the car around and stopped in front of this scene you see above and just stared, trying to make some sense of what I was seeing.  Wooden (?) cutouts of human sillouettes working in a field.  Just the 6 of them all in a row, in the middle of absolutely NOWHERE!  There were no houses or farms nearby. It was funny, in a ridiculous sort of way!.  
I still don't know their purpose for being there, but I was happy to make them one of my projects =)

Umbrellas and Passports,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project #13 - Pictograph

This pictograph is one of tbe most unique subjects I have had the priviledge of photographing so far. I have to be careful of how much info I share, since the actual location of this is supposed to be kept low-profile  (only locals know where to find it)
I have loved learning about the native history, culture, art, language, and anything else I can learn about the people of this area.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph this, and learn a little more about it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, it was by far one of the most bizarre scenes I've ever photographed!

Happy Wednesday! (Is it Friday yet??)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project #12 -Ultraviolet

This photo is a fun one, the sky is the most beautiful shade of turquoise, and can you see the sun rays causing streaks of light across the sky? You can almost see the ultraviolet waves in layers across the sky!  Regardless of whether that sight is awe-inspiring or just plain scary,  I'm stocking up on the sunscreen already! hahaha 

 I wished my circular polarizing filter hadn't been stolen. I would have loved to try this shot with a polarizer to see what different kinds of sky shot I could have gotten, depending on which way I turn the filter around the lens.  Polarizers are great for that!  

 Turquoise Skies and SPF 5000 (hahaha),

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project #11 - Really Big Rocks

This is my Ansel Adams inspired photo, hee hee  =) I have always been intrigued by his work, especially because his work was created before the digital era, before the wonders of Photoshop and similar editing software had taken over the photographic world.  Not that I complain, but I do wish I would spend a little less time in front of the computer, and alot more time behind the camera!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project #10 Water

This is one of my favorite fountains. Instead of being just a spring-like geyser spouting out of a small  pool or pond, its more of a waterfall type fountain. With the evening sun setting behind it, it takes on an almost peaceful elegance.  I never get tired of hearing the sound of the water on the rocks. although it always makes me have to use the bathroom, hahaha! 
An island girl from birth, I grew up near the ocean, and on the ocean, and in the ocean!  I live in the desert now, which I know, is making you ask how on earth I could be comfortable this far away from the water. Well, I do live almost right on the lake and when I open the windows at night, sometimes I can the hear waves on the beach and it ALMOST makes up for it. 
I love water, and anything to do with water, fountaiins, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans....  But I also love the desert, with it;s bizarre rock formations, tumbleweeds (I can't tell you how comical it is to watch the tumbleweeds rolling across Main Street!)  and all the sagebrush and cactus. It's an entirely different world out here, and I fell in love with it immediately. I"m working on a whole photo book of the desert, it's a personal project of mine. I'll keep you updated! 
I also plan to use soem desert photos in my Project 52 lineup, so watch for those!
By the way, just so you know, I have worked my butt off getting caught up on all my overdue project photos, and I am all caught now to Project #15!  YAY! But instead of posting them all in one day and overwhelming you hehe, I will post one every single day this week until Thursday, which is when I will post Project #15, getting us back on track - Just in time for my Easter adventure! Which I will spend searching out more cool project photos to post.
Hang on to your hats people, it's going to be a big Project week!

Waterfall Fountains and Tumbleweeds,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project #9 The Essence of Spring

When I see pretty daffodils wth their happy bright yellow faces sprouting up from the earth, that's when I start to finally feel like Spring is here! The shape of the daffodil always reminds me of the sun. A bright yellow circle, with the outer petals forming a halo around the center, almost as if it's trying to emulate rays coming off the sun. For me, it's the perfect spring flower, and I was thrilled when my youngest son picked me a handful of them the other day, just because". What a sweet little man! 
The other good news is that my lovely friend Barb came into my office yesterday with a cord for my camera that she and her husband had found for me.  (Thanks Miles!) So I can load my photos onto my computer without having to use my memory card. Yay!   (I know! Someone ACTUALLY reads my blog! hahaha) My dear friend Barb is one of the most thoughtful, caring, energetic, happy, creative and INSPIRING people you could ever hope to meet. I wish everyone had a Barb in their life, I am SO thankful for mine! =)

So now I am back on the Project 52 bandwagon, trying to catch up. With a little patience (and an insane amount of coffee) I will "get'er done!'  hahaha.

Wishing you all bright daffodils and strong coffee,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Apologies

This is my "Stress Face", hahaha. Or one of them, anyway!
Ya know how you can make all the plans in the world, and have all the best intentions, and then life happens? Well I just want to apologize for my belated posts lately, and the fact that I am behind in my Project 52 posts! Life seems to be getting busier these days, and when things pile up, sometimes it takes me longer to get projects done, or they are done but not edited. or they are edited, they just aren't posted yet.  BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE!
So I'm not making excuses, I'm just offering an apology. 
As of recently, I can't seem to load my latest photos onto my computer because of a problems with the memory card slot on my laptop. I need to take it in to get looked at and fixed, but I have maternity photos I want to finish editing and get done and burned to cd before I take it in, because I have no idea how long it might take to be fixed. 
Alternately, I am trying to get my hands on a cord that will allow me to just plug in my camera to my laptop and download the photos that way. My camera didn't come with one, which I find annoyingly odd and highly inconvenient! hahaha.
As for now, I have all my late photo project posts saved as drafts and just waiting for the photos to go with them! As soon as I get this all straightened out, you're gonna see a whole lotta projects going up one after another till I'm caught up.
I have a To Do List a mile long that I need to get back to (some of which I try to accomplish on my lunch breaks, haha)  so I have make this post a quick one.
Thanks for all your patience!
Camera cords and ridiculously long To Do lists,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

De-Clutter for a Cause!

Spring weather can mean only one thing.... SPRING CLEANING!  Well, at tleast that's what it means in my household anyways. ( followed by a chorus of "Awwww mom! Do we HAVE to?" from my children, hahaha)
Since most of us will be cleaning out our closets this spring, here's a fantastic way to get rid of your stuff you no longer have use for, and help out a great cause at the same time. (How efficiient is that?!)
Ok , so get ready to MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR! On Saturday, May 14th Royal LePage offices all across Canada will be participating in the National Garage Sale for Shelter. Participatng offices ( including mine!) will be hosting garage sales for the Royal LePage Shelter foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Royal LePage Canada,  which supports women's shelters across the country, helping thousands of women and children escape abuse and domestic violence, as well as funding violence prevention and education programs nationwide.
So since you are clearing out stuff anyways, give your local Royal LePage office a call to ask where you can drop off your items, and help put abuse out of commission!   For more info about the Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation go to:
Our office will be holding a sale as well, and you can call our toll free # 1-800-335-2606 to find out where to donate your items.  I'm coordinating this years' event, and I am so excited about it I am almost jumping out of my skin! hahaha.  We will be hosting not just a garage sale, so even if you're not a "garage sale junkie" (haha)  there will also be a hot dog BBQ, a bake sale, and raffle as well! We will also have entertainment for the kids, including a coloring contest, and the Royalty girls will be painting faces and giving out balloons!  It's a family event, so make sure you stop by.  Watch for the banner across Main Street going up on May 1st!
 So many thoughtful local businesses have contributed to our cause  I know this is going to be our best garage sale yet!  The kind-hearted folks at 3D Moving (if you are moving within BC or Alberta, you can contact them at )   are graciously providing their time and their truck to haul all of the donated garage sale items to the event site.  Many businesses  have also come on board as well, donating prizes for the raffle, one of which is a complimentary one-night stay at the luxurious Watermark Beach Resort  .  I don't want to spoil any more of the surprises, so you'll just have to come out and see what it's all about.  
Happy Spring to everyone!

De-Cluttering for a Cause,  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY Room Makeover (Part I)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love love LOVE do-it-yourself projects. Particularly home makeover projects!  I recently got our landlord's permission to repaint my kids' room. I bought them new bumkbeds and new mattresses this month, and since the room had to be cleared out anyway, I thought a new paint job would be nice before the new beds went in.
Here is the "before" shot (I meant to take it before anything had been moved out when it was in it's usual state of kid-mess ( ahhh, the days of ignorance and disaster, hahaha), but oh well.
 I also spoiled my kids with a special southern treat.
Ready for the three little words that will make your mouth water?

red. velvet. cupcakes

 Oh my word. If they serve cupcakes in heaven, they would probably taste like these! haha.
This recipe is the first I've tried of many, I'm sure, so I will keep you posted of my continued research and kitchen experiments, hehe =)
For the recipe click here:

Getting back to the original project....
I am putting new furniture in their room ( an L-shaped corner workstation and chairs,  and a low "cubby" unit for their stereo and stuff )  as well as a whole shelving system in their closet, to keep the chaos in order, or at least to a minimum. haha. Small, shared spaces require alot of organization!  So here is Part I, and Part II will be along once I'm all done with the 'after" photos. Stay tuned!

Paintbrushes, cupcakes, and a great many dropcloths for both!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project #8 - Highway Wildlife!

I caught this big feller munching along the side of the highway yesterday, as I was heading home from a weekend advneture in Fernie, BC. (and holy snowballs Batman! Can we say sudden freak blizzards???) I encountered the most horrific snowstorms on the way out and coming back. Oddly, the weather cleared up the day I left, fooling me into thinking I would have smooth sailing for my return trip. Yeah. Notsomuch.
 I think the weather out there forgot it was April. It's supposed to be SPRING you crazy, northern towns.....


I saw some interesting wildlife on my adventure (it was the KJHL hockey tournament so I went and took photos).  Included were an enormous owl, eagles,  and deer, but this sheep was the biggest animal I came across.  The sound of my camera shutter startled this big guy here though and he started to run away.

I stopped in Creston for one of MANY bathroom breaks (and more coffee to immediately refill with, haha)

Travelling weather aside, it was still a great lil' adventure though. ( I left out horrific weather photos cause I didn't want to give anyone nightmares! haha)  Before I lefr, I took a soak in an outdoor hot tub, and enjoyed the clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and the SPECTACULAR view of the Rocky Mountains.  ( I had already packed my camera in the car by then, and I wished afterwards that I had gotten a photo of the Rockies from the hot tub.  It's probably just as well though, I might have dropped it in the water! )  This one is out the car window where I pulled over.

Hot Tubs, Blizzards, and Camera-Shy Sheep