Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project #8 - Highway Wildlife!

I caught this big feller munching along the side of the highway yesterday, as I was heading home from a weekend advneture in Fernie, BC. (and holy snowballs Batman! Can we say sudden freak blizzards???) I encountered the most horrific snowstorms on the way out and coming back. Oddly, the weather cleared up the day I left, fooling me into thinking I would have smooth sailing for my return trip. Yeah. Notsomuch.
 I think the weather out there forgot it was April. It's supposed to be SPRING you crazy, northern towns.....


I saw some interesting wildlife on my adventure (it was the KJHL hockey tournament so I went and took photos).  Included were an enormous owl, eagles,  and deer, but this sheep was the biggest animal I came across.  The sound of my camera shutter startled this big guy here though and he started to run away.

I stopped in Creston for one of MANY bathroom breaks (and more coffee to immediately refill with, haha)

Travelling weather aside, it was still a great lil' adventure though. ( I left out horrific weather photos cause I didn't want to give anyone nightmares! haha)  Before I lefr, I took a soak in an outdoor hot tub, and enjoyed the clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and the SPECTACULAR view of the Rocky Mountains.  ( I had already packed my camera in the car by then, and I wished afterwards that I had gotten a photo of the Rockies from the hot tub.  It's probably just as well though, I might have dropped it in the water! )  This one is out the car window where I pulled over.

Hot Tubs, Blizzards, and Camera-Shy Sheep


  1. Hmmm....there appears to be a missing picture of "the boyfriend" in this post.


  2. hee hee. I'll post a blog with pics of me and my man one of these days soon!

  3. Uh HUUUH - yeah the bf is not real till we see photo evidence :)

    Mrs Barb