Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project #7 EARTH HOUR

Here is the photo of my town from a viewpoint halfway up a mountain, during Earth Hour ( March 26, 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm)

My kids and I made a mini adventure out of it,.  bringing along a thermos of hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies to watch the sight before us.  We were hoping to see the majority of our town dim thier lights in honor of the occasion.  We waited patiently and expectantly. Initially it seemed to me to be quite alot of lights on still (really, how could all of those possibly be just street lamps?) , and I admit my heart was heavy with disappointment as I drove back down into town 
However once in town I began to notice that while storefronts and commercial businesses still had lights on ( hotels, restaurants etc) a surprising amount of residential properties had either dim lights or no lights on at all!
I was hopeful.
So I took a drive through a few neightborhoods in town, and my hope grew to excitement. Wow! People were actually taking this seriously this year!  I even saw one really big fancy house completely dark, with a tent in thr front yard that glowed with the light of what could only be a lantern of sorts.  I was so thrilled! I wanted to stop and take a picture, until I realized they might think I was some strange lunatic for taking a picture of them in their tent, hehe =)
As I drove home I started to laugh about the irony of the fact that while my house was sitting appropriately dark, I wasn't doing the environment any favors by spending Earth Hour DRIVING around in my VEHICLE the whole time! Doh!  Rookie mistake! 
Next year I think I will just leave my car and walk around taking photos of tents in people's front yards, haha.  I"ll wear running shoes just in case I get mistaken for the paprazzi and have to make a run for it.

I just want to say how proud I am of all the thoughtful residents of my small town tonight!

Hot chocolate, Cookies, and Awesome Looking Tents,

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  1. Was that YOU lurking??? Just KIDDING Janice, haha! I was not even in town, really.

    You make me laugh - you have a gift for writing. I love that you do these fun things with your children. Thanks for sharing your fun adventure. We have to get together soon, but not TOO soon haha, still spring break and my Mr. does not want to share me and I'm happy about that.

    Love, Barb