Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project #14 - The Randomly Bizarre.....

Every once in awhile, as you drive along on a spontaneous sunday afternoon day trip adventure, something out the window catches your eye that makes you say " Whaaaaaaat the......"  ???

That's where this photo came from.
 Not long ago, I spontaneously jumped in the car to spend a rainy sunday doing a day trip adventure down in "the Americas", as I like to call it,  hehe So, I grabbed my passport and an umbrella, and off I went!

I had been driving awhile, seeing fields of snow and fog and not much else until .....  "Whaaaaaat the...." ?
I actually turned the car around and stopped in front of this scene you see above and just stared, trying to make some sense of what I was seeing.  Wooden (?) cutouts of human sillouettes working in a field.  Just the 6 of them all in a row, in the middle of absolutely NOWHERE!  There were no houses or farms nearby. It was funny, in a ridiculous sort of way!.  
I still don't know their purpose for being there, but I was happy to make them one of my projects =)

Umbrellas and Passports,

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