Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY Room Makeover (Part I)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love love LOVE do-it-yourself projects. Particularly home makeover projects!  I recently got our landlord's permission to repaint my kids' room. I bought them new bumkbeds and new mattresses this month, and since the room had to be cleared out anyway, I thought a new paint job would be nice before the new beds went in.
Here is the "before" shot (I meant to take it before anything had been moved out when it was in it's usual state of kid-mess ( ahhh, the days of ignorance and disaster, hahaha), but oh well.
 I also spoiled my kids with a special southern treat.
Ready for the three little words that will make your mouth water?

red. velvet. cupcakes

 Oh my word. If they serve cupcakes in heaven, they would probably taste like these! haha.
This recipe is the first I've tried of many, I'm sure, so I will keep you posted of my continued research and kitchen experiments, hehe =)
For the recipe click here:

Getting back to the original project....
I am putting new furniture in their room ( an L-shaped corner workstation and chairs,  and a low "cubby" unit for their stereo and stuff )  as well as a whole shelving system in their closet, to keep the chaos in order, or at least to a minimum. haha. Small, shared spaces require alot of organization!  So here is Part I, and Part II will be along once I'm all done with the 'after" photos. Stay tuned!

Paintbrushes, cupcakes, and a great many dropcloths for both!



  1. Yeah well where's the big fat tasty pretty RV cupcake for your dear freind Barb? Hmmmmm? Hay, Janice?

    I'm sure the room will turn out fab. What colors you say?

    Love, Barb

  2. Their room was painted smokey blue and light grey. I used the blue on two walls, and grey on the other two (just to make it more interesting than one color!) And my dear friend, you will get to try a red velvet cupcake the very next time I see you, I saved some and froze them =)