Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project #10 Water

This is one of my favorite fountains. Instead of being just a spring-like geyser spouting out of a small  pool or pond, its more of a waterfall type fountain. With the evening sun setting behind it, it takes on an almost peaceful elegance.  I never get tired of hearing the sound of the water on the rocks. although it always makes me have to use the bathroom, hahaha! 
An island girl from birth, I grew up near the ocean, and on the ocean, and in the ocean!  I live in the desert now, which I know, is making you ask how on earth I could be comfortable this far away from the water. Well, I do live almost right on the lake and when I open the windows at night, sometimes I can the hear waves on the beach and it ALMOST makes up for it. 
I love water, and anything to do with water, fountaiins, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans....  But I also love the desert, with it;s bizarre rock formations, tumbleweeds (I can't tell you how comical it is to watch the tumbleweeds rolling across Main Street!)  and all the sagebrush and cactus. It's an entirely different world out here, and I fell in love with it immediately. I"m working on a whole photo book of the desert, it's a personal project of mine. I'll keep you updated! 
I also plan to use soem desert photos in my Project 52 lineup, so watch for those!
By the way, just so you know, I have worked my butt off getting caught up on all my overdue project photos, and I am all caught now to Project #15!  YAY! But instead of posting them all in one day and overwhelming you hehe, I will post one every single day this week until Thursday, which is when I will post Project #15, getting us back on track - Just in time for my Easter adventure! Which I will spend searching out more cool project photos to post.
Hang on to your hats people, it's going to be a big Project week!

Waterfall Fountains and Tumbleweeds,

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