Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project #12 -Ultraviolet

This photo is a fun one, the sky is the most beautiful shade of turquoise, and can you see the sun rays causing streaks of light across the sky? You can almost see the ultraviolet waves in layers across the sky!  Regardless of whether that sight is awe-inspiring or just plain scary,  I'm stocking up on the sunscreen already! hahaha 

 I wished my circular polarizing filter hadn't been stolen. I would have loved to try this shot with a polarizer to see what different kinds of sky shot I could have gotten, depending on which way I turn the filter around the lens.  Polarizers are great for that!  

 Turquoise Skies and SPF 5000 (hahaha),

1 comment:

  1. I hope you get a circular polarizer Miss Janice. I'm loving your photo sessions - we DO have to have a photography day. Youre really capturing some wondferful subjects.

    Love, Barb