Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project #9 The Essence of Spring

When I see pretty daffodils wth their happy bright yellow faces sprouting up from the earth, that's when I start to finally feel like Spring is here! The shape of the daffodil always reminds me of the sun. A bright yellow circle, with the outer petals forming a halo around the center, almost as if it's trying to emulate rays coming off the sun. For me, it's the perfect spring flower, and I was thrilled when my youngest son picked me a handful of them the other day, just because". What a sweet little man! 
The other good news is that my lovely friend Barb came into my office yesterday with a cord for my camera that she and her husband had found for me.  (Thanks Miles!) So I can load my photos onto my computer without having to use my memory card. Yay!   (I know! Someone ACTUALLY reads my blog! hahaha) My dear friend Barb is one of the most thoughtful, caring, energetic, happy, creative and INSPIRING people you could ever hope to meet. I wish everyone had a Barb in their life, I am SO thankful for mine! =)

So now I am back on the Project 52 bandwagon, trying to catch up. With a little patience (and an insane amount of coffee) I will "get'er done!'  hahaha.

Wishing you all bright daffodils and strong coffee,


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  1. (blushing mightily here) - How could a fellow photographer sit idly by and watch you NOT be able to upload your photos. Why, I'd be robbing MYSELF from seeing your fabulous fotos.

    Coffee soon, right?

    Lurve ya,