Friday, May 3, 2013

May = 31 Days of Awesome

So, this is my new project for the month, adding sparkling drops of sunshine to your day, no matter what life throws at ya!  Keep coming on back to get your daily dose of inspiration and ideas to make every single day of this month ah-MAY-zing!  Or at least add a few special moments to your day!

Idea #1 - Bring the Outdoors In!

One of my coworkers surprised me with a vase of fresh flowers for my desk, which in my opinion is one of the quickest yet most effective ways to enjoy spring - even from your desk. Changing your desktop photo to a field of sunflowers and yrou screen saver crashing waves on a beach is also imaginative, if not slightly tormenting.  Life is too darn short to not pause, stretch and sniff the flowers on your desk. (After all, your workload isn't going anywhere, it will be right there waiting for you - ) 

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