Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Idea #7 Run Through the Sprinkler

(photo credit: from google images) 

Remember what it was like to be six years old and the irresistible urge to run through a sprinkler was just too much to bear?  You'd take off across the lawn, hardly slowing down at all to remove shoes, socks, etc as you raced to be the first one through to the other side - sometimes clothes and all. It was like a free waterpark.  Welcome to Your Friendly Neighborhood Geyser - perfectly timed streams of water shooting upward and outward - ,just minus the scalding hot water of course  ;)  You and your friends and siblings ran through until your legs ached and your lips turned purple and your shivering reached the uncontrollable stage. Or once the neighbors came out and told everyone to stop running around on their lawn! hahaha
It's one of those memories that reminds you that childhood was both fun and flleeting. One of those things that you just HAVE to do again. Relive your childhood, remember what it was like to have simple clean summer FUN and the only thing you were responsible for was to make sure you didnt track all that water into the house.  
So here's the challenge,(this coming from someone who can;t even resist driving through a good sized puddle in the road.): throw caution to the wind, and allow yourself this one tiny adventure back into childhood.  
You're older and (hopefully) wiser now,  so just don't let the neighbors catch you in their yard this time!    
( my little dudes - at an actual waterpark)


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