Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IDEA #9 Sleep Under the Stars

Air out the tent and set it up in the yard.  Choose a clear night and leave the fly off the top so you can watch the stars as you drift off into dreamland under a diamond sky.  For the truly brave, skip the tent altogether and just lay there in your sleeping bag under the open sky.  As kids we used to sleep outside on my friends' large trampoline.  One had to be careful how one moved about in order to avoid mid-air collisions with other sleepers due to both bounce and slippery nylon-covered sleeping bags! 
It's an awesome experience you shouldn't miss. I would also recommend it whenever a predicted meteor shower is going to happen - try to see how many shooting stars you can wish on!   
Just don't forget to turn off the timer on your irrigation sprinklers or you'll have a rather unforgettable experience when they come on at some ungodly hour in the wee hours of the morning!   ;) 

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  1. Seriously though - in the winter do it opposite - set up the tent in the house, buy some glow in the dark star stickers for the top of the tent and pretend. *wink* Idea is to make your own magic, right?

    Always inspired by you,
    ♥ Merm