Friday, May 31, 2013

Idea #30 Play in the Rain

It's warm enough now that you probably won't catch pneumonia, and how much FUN is it to splash around in the puddles??? I myself am notorious for going out of my way to drive through large puddles. I can't resist!  Don't judge me.  But since my husband shakes his head and warns me that I'm not doing my poor car ( aka "Thumper" )  any favors when I do that, I reluctantly agreed. I hate it when he's right!  So now I simply don't dash for cover when the skies open up during a freak summer rainstorm. I close my eyes, let the rain pour down my face , and splash around in a puddle or two. What's cute is that we have a few neighborly ducks that hang around our place that come join me sometimes!

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