Friday, May 3, 2013

Idea #2 - Wear Your Swimsuit To Work

Yeah that's right, I said it.  Wear your swimsuit to work. Under your clothes.  Keep your beach towel waiting anxiously in the car for you and your picnic-worthy lunch hiding in the breakroom fridge.  A soon as the clock strikes noon (or whenever your lunch break is) 
HIT THE BEACH.  (or an outdoor pool if you're landlocked, heck even a waterpark if that's all that's available, I won't judge ya!)  

 That's right, score some rays on your lunch hour and live up the beach life, Baby, 'cause sadly it's  probably the only chance you'll get to absorb the sun all summer. 
 Seriously. DO IT.  You'll thank me. 

Just don't forget your lunch, that's a huge bummer. 
Also, it's unfortunate that I feel that I have to mention this:
Ladies, this works best when you chose swimming attire without lots of ties and beads and bulky ruffles and  buckles and stuff. Otherwise you run the risk of rumpled, lumpy-looking work clothing appearing to cover up a bad case of cellulite that you don't actually have.  And gentlemen PLEASE, even if that Speedo you've owned since 1983 still fits and can be concealed easily under your uniform or suit,  it is NOT RECOMMENDED.  
That is all.
Now, go buy yourself a stylish brand-new pair of sunglasses so you don't come back from the beach sporting a brand new pair of cataracts ;)

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