Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Idea #19 Take a Nap in a Hammock

This picture of my sons in a hammock when they were so little cracks me up every time - I actually have a large print hanging in my house of this, dirty faces and all. It's how I remember them being at that time, no matter how many baths I gave them a day, the second I turned away they were back playing in the dirt again!  LOVE IT!

Last year we acquired a double hammock from some friends of ours and I can hardly wait to hang it on our deck. I'm not a "napper", no matter how hard I try, I usually wind up feeling worse when I wake from a nap so I generally avoid them. I have to be terribly sick to nap.
 My father and my husband both share first -prize in the napping department, haha. My dad used to work shift work before he retired and so he had to train himself to sleep during the day. But working graveyards does a number on one's body, and to this day, he can't sit down for more than five minutes without nodding off. I find it quite comical actually.
 My husband has been napping regularly since he was a teenager. He has mastered the Art of The Power Nap. Seriously, the guy shuts his eyes for 10 minutes and he's fully recharged for another good 12 hours. I admire and covet this talent greatly - especially days when I'm nearly falling asleep at my desk at 4;05 p.m.
My resources are sound then when I quote them as saying that nothing beats napping outdoors, especially when cradled gently in a hammock.( Be smart about it though - be sure to wear sunscreen, and I would suggest napping in the shade.)
 Pure. Bliss.  For at least 10 minutes, haha!

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