Thursday, September 27, 2012


I recently joined Pinterest due to the peer pressure  insistance of many of my friends and I have to confess: I don't really "get" what all the hype is about. Which leads me to conclude that I must be "doing it wrong".  Oh well, maybe one day I'll take the time to actually navigate the site and have some kind of an awakening revelation to the Pinterest world, who knows. I have yet to pin my own work on the site as well. Thankfully, Artist Rising already has some of my work for sale,. so I''m content that while I learn how to pin properly, haha.

Other random confessions this week:

 -  I got sick and tired of my cellphone service provider overcharging me on every bill , so  I cancelled my contract with them. I've been cellphone free for about 2.5 weeks now, and I haven't even missed it all that much!  I KNOW!!! [Who'da thunk it?]

 - The only thing I DON"T like about my fave fall season is the inevitable disappearing act of all of these:

The richness of the turning leaves  - the stunning golds, rich ambers and brilliant reds don't last nearly long enough for me, Everything always seems so dreary once the grasses and flowers and leaves start to shrivel and turn a dull shade of brown.... until the snow covers like a perfect glistening canvas for illuminating christmas lights.  Then our lovely little town looks almost magical ;)

 - Yes, that was me belting out christmas carols in my car the other day. Don't judge me! I have already imagined our house all decorated for christmas in my head . . . .

 - I want to redecorate my studio/workspace area in these lovely colors

 Last confession for today:

  - My baby portrait session I photographed last night went so well!  Despite the precious little one's teething pains she gave us some beautiful still-toothless-for-the-moment-grins, and I think I can say with confidence it was some of my best work to date. As soon as her parents choose the photos they want and sign the release I will post them here ;)

Shamelessly belting christmas tunes and still in need of pinterest lessons,

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  1. LOL Janice, I'd be belting them with you. I always put them one when I'm making my Festive greeting cards.

    I cannot wait to see your photos, you always amaze.

    I don't miss the other seasons at all - I'm ready for fall, sweaters etc, bring it ON. Yep, we will have to do the photos and not too "latte" that we miss the season. :) checking the calendar)