Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adventures in Blog-land

The fact that this post is happening on a weeknight is a small miracle in itself, but given that I am typing this from my dearest friend and mentor Barb's  basement, as she teaches me all sorts of new blog tips is SUPER EXCITING to me.

 Barb's task isn't an easy one, she has to reign me in and pull my dreamer head outta the clouds -

 -  long enough to teach me how to effectively link and network with other blog sites - in particular we are "focusing" on photography sites ;)

Sorry.   It was right there.    I had to.

The first site we visited was kevin & amanda . I particularly liked this post here about her fave camera strap.  I've been looking for a hassle-free way to haul around my camera(s) for years! Every strap I've ever had was stupidly annoying. Either it was too thin and dug uncomfortably into my shoulder after just a few hours, or it was heavily padded and slip off my shoulder every time I'd lift the camera to frame a shot.  None would rest properly at my side, and my poor camera would flail out awkwardly with each step. I was constantly in fear my lens would get bumped too hard and do one of two things: crack the lens, or the poor weight distribution caused by the awkward angle the camera hung at would cause the entire lens to pull away from the body and destroy both the lens and the body.  I'm so thankful to have finally been pointed in the right direction. (she had me at the point she mentioned  "cupcake" - don't judge me)  I have a feeling I can learn alot of handy tips from this site, and it's always nice to find other fellow cupcake-lovers blogger-photographers like me. (I know, priorities, right?)

 The next site was pioneer woman  This lady blows my mind with her constant creative inspiration. I have yet to find something she can't do.

On the more serious side, we visited ilovephotography, which had some phenomenal , inspiring shots as well.

I'm off to post comments on these and others' blogs who catch my interest, and get a running start to the world of networking opportunities!

Hope your day is inspiring and a little bit magical!

Hunting for good photo blog sites (and maybe a cupcake)



  1. Hi Janice,

    I think you're doing wonderful, links are like small visits to each other's places. I've built wonderful friendships this way.

    ♥ Barb