Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Ninety-Nine Blog Posts Later" or "I Can't Beleive I'm Still Writing ...."

Right from the very first blog post I ever wrote, I knew I'd fallen in love with it  - hard. I had finally found a creative little hub of my very own, a quiet little corner of cyberspace that I could stretch out in and give my"dreamer" side a chance to grow a little.  

That was back in November of 2010, a very hard month, year, time for me, and I found sharing my heart amidst my pain with the hope of reaching others who were hurting to encourage them would somehow help to heal not only other's pain but somehow my own as well. Time of course is necessary for healing but I felt truly blessed at the opportunity to encourage others with my words, and I felt the healing process already beginning. The dawn of a new day.

Well, 99 blog posts later I find myself staring at the screen in awe, wondering how on earth so much could have changed in only 2 years? It feels like a lifetime ago, and I think it's because my life now hardly even resembles anything close to what it looked like back then. So many big changes!

The first change was that I began an online course through the New York Institute of Photography, which was a promise I had made to myself and I finally made myself take the time to make this investment. As a single mama who already worked a full time job I had my reservations but I made myself step out and accept the challenge and I'm so glad that I did. While I am still slowly plugging away at it ( life alway seems to get in the way, haha) I have to say that the course material and textbooks have proved to be invaluable tools and I have already learned alot!
The second change being that I met my friends Kendall and Neil. Kendall got hired at my office to do the bookkkeeping/accounting and we became friends quickly. When we discovered a shared passion for martial arts ( we both did taekwondo and she was already a 2nd degree black belt)  I offered to help her open her own martial arts school and therein became her business partner and co-owner of our town's very first taekowndo gym, and corporation Outlast Taekwondo Ltd. (you can check out our  taekwondo blog HERE)
The third and biggest change was of course meeting the man of my dreams. We met and married within only 6 months' time and I have never been so happy.  Since the day he came into my life I have felt as if I'm floating on cloud nine and yet securely grounded - all at the same time.  He's amazing and he inspires me daily. He is a man of integrity, 100% the Real Deal.  I love so many things about him that I could list at least 99 of them righr here and now. However I'm writing this post at 12:34 a.m. and I've nearly fallen asleep 98 times so based on my current narcaleptic progress rate  it would take too long.  I will say though that I feel incredibly blessed to have caught the eye of someone so authentic, smart and  kind,   He is  talented, fun, motivated, generous, determined, fearless, logical, quirky, responsible, dedicated, reliable, bold and charismatic and always true to himself. I love being around him and I am beyond excited to share the rest of my life wirh him.

There have been a great many smaller cbanges as well, which have all added up and snowballed into these three "hum-dingers" as I like to call them, and all of these combined have made for a sigificant change in my life. As always, all credit goes to my Lord God and true Savior, without Whom I would be SERIOUSLY lost and undoubtely headed down a very destructive path.  He saved me from myself, to be sure and brought me instead to a place of healing.
In only 2 short years, my life has radically changed so much. There have been so many ups and downs and twists and turns to get me to this place I'm at now and I thank God for every good thing in it ;)
Thank you for letting me share, thank you for letting me encourage you.  I hope this next year will allow me even more opportunities to encourage and inspire you all. I hope to fill each and every one of your hearts with words of love and plant a seed of hope that will grow strong
love, -J

P.S. Just to leave you with a smile on your face and a sweet dream in your heart ;)


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