Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites are back, baby!

This week has been, in the words of my fellow blogger Elsie Larson  a very "un-photogenic week" haha.  I don't think i picked up my camera even once!  Now before that news gives you a stroke,  I will tell you that it's only friday (week's not over yet".. Actually, it's pretty well done. Nevermind ;)

This was a busy week for us  with the kids in school, their taekwondo classes, my business meetings, a wedding rehearsal dinner ( my husband is officiating a wedding today and the bride invited us all to attend the rehearsal dinner last night at Walnut Beach Resort - which is the same place my husband and I got married ourselves in May!)  so that was alot of fun ( and really yummy) .  Tonight is Date NIght so I'm going to make this post a quickie, hahaha ;)  Only 2 faves this week that really stand out

Favorite   - been watching Season 7 of this show ( and YES, I'm quite aware that we're a season behind, thankyouverymuch  NO spoilers please! ;)   It makes me laugh SO hard. ( You know when you're laughing so hard that no sound comes out and you just winding up silently clapping your hands together like a seal? ya, that's me)
 Favorite - My next new haircolor??   
I'm currently obsessed with rich dark shades of brown for autumn again, (think Rachel Weisz aka. "Mrs. 007" or Angelina Jolie back in her "Lara Croft: TombRaider" days) . Plus, I liked the contrast between my green eyes and the deep, cool-hued browns  It's been awhile since I had my hair this dark, so I'm gonna have to make sure that I don't let myself get too pale this winter or I'll wind up looking like  Kristen Stewart's Twilight character  . And let's face it, nobody wants that!
My weekend to-do list is to enjoy our Date Night tonight, try to get some canning done ( peaches & pears), stain the patched-up part of my coffee table leg,   My self-comissioned photo challenge is to try to snap a few photos of my camera-shy husband I together (which is alot easier said than done!) 
In better-than-paparazzi-stealth mode,

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  1. Hi Janice,

    shoosh, one of these fridays I'm actually take part in your favorite things, really really. In the meantime I at least enjoy reading yours.

    What, Janice without a photo - un-heard of!!!

    How cool about the wedding, who was this? I know it would be extra special being at Walnut Beach. (ask me about some blog tips next time you see me... I think you would like it)

    I personally would LOVE to see your wedding slide show posted here, its honestly the most beautiful one I've seen, I get weepy each time I watch it and its a great testimony!

    Yep, I think you will look lovely in this shade!

    Looking forward to hanging with you (when you can squeeze me in,

    ♥ Barb