Friday, December 30, 2011

Project #51 Laughing Baby

A baby laughing is one of the most magical sounds you will ever hear.  Well, at least to my lil' mama ears, anyway. This little cutie isn't mine, he belongs to friends of mine, who's wedding I had the opportunity to photograph a few years ago. ( the FUNNEST wedding I have ever worked on, I might add)
One of the things I love about christmas is the chance to reconnect with old friends, and since these friends live so far away ( an entire province away) it was just so great to see them and meet their little one!
I made sure I was sitting right next to his high chair at dinner, so I could enjoy his little antics while I caught up with his awesome parents =)
He was so fascinated by my bracelet and rings on my hand, that he would shriek everytime I moved my arm away! hahaha.  So I ate my tacos with my boring hand while I let him play with my other "facinating"  hand, haha. 
I didnt have much time to catch up with them, as I had to share their attention with other people there as well, but I did manage to sqeeze in a couple quick photos of him in his dad's arms before I left. He was a bit out of sorts because of all the travelling that had thrown his usual daily nap schedule out of wack, but as you can see, this kid is a real trooper, and he grinned and gurgled away happily for the most part. He even giggled away at the peek-a-boo game just long enough to take this photo. 

Wishing I could take a nap right now,

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  1. Its hard to take a BAD photo of a baby, is it? I agree, even seeing a baby's laugh makes me want to view life from their eyes.

    Thanks for sharing - so glad you got time to catch up with friends.