Friday, December 30, 2011

Project #49 - Christmas Lights

When I was a little girl, my dad used to pack us kids up in his truck, pick us up some hot chocolates ( and coffee for himself) and drive around the neighborhoods in our small town looking at all the houses decorated for christmas, while we listened to christmas carols on the radio.  It was always something I looked forward to.
Nowadays it's rare to find entire neighborhoods all decked out in the season's best, each trying to outdo the other. Obviously things like rising electricity costs, and everybody trying their best to "go green" and do their part to preserve the planet for the next generation ( myself included) have changed things alot since then . That being said, seeing any kind of christmas lights, whether outdoors or indoors up along the top of my kitchen cupboards ( like the ones in the photo) always hit me with nostalgia every time I see them.
I hope every single one of you had a chance to admire twinkling christmas lights this year. I hope every one of you had a wonderful christmas full of love and laughter.
For those of you who didnt, my heart goes out to you, I wish I could wrap you up in my arms and warm your heart with my words. A new year is coming upon us, A year to make changes, to take chances,  to forgive and to heal, a year to clear away the cobwebs in your heart and just let it shine like it was meant to.  If no one else has told you you're loved, I'll tell you: YOU ARE LOVED MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. If you don't have a mama to tell you "I love you, I support your dreams, I believe in you" then let me be the one to say it! I'll be your bloggie mama, hahaha.
So take a long look at the twinkling lights and let their bright little bulbs shine love into your heart and hope into your soul.
 Hugs and Hope for a new year,

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  1. A couple years in a row at the coast our Dad took us for the grand tour of lights, there are still some pretty impressive displays there. I don't know why we did not do that this year, thanks for the reminder, can you nudge me again this coming Christmas?

    Love, Barb