Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project #48- Birthday Candle

WHAT: My son's 8th's birthday party
WHEN: December 10th
WHERE: at home =)

This was the cake I pulled together at the last second - he had wanted a penguin cake but I couldnt find a moulded pan anywhere for that, and we were running out of time to get it baked before the party, so he decided that a skateboard cake would make the cut, haha (Plus, he got to keep all the funky plastic miniature skateboards after!)

Instead of the usual candles, I decided that "sparkler" candles would be more exciting. Then I decided that taking a photo of the candle once it was lit might make a fun photo.

So there we have it.
 P.S. - the cake was really yummy! hee hee =)

cakes and candles shooting sparks everywhere,


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