Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting New & Project 52

Happy new year everyone!!!!!
New Years is one of my FAVORITE holidays because it means the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another, No matter how 2010 was for you (mine had equal parts of the good, the bad and the ugly, hehehe) this is when you say goodbye to all the hurts and frustrations of the past year and leave them right there in the past where they belong. A new year is a new beginning. That means new adventures, new people to meet, and new challenges to take on and projects to accomplish!

Which leads me to my inspired project for this coming year. I'm calling it PROJECT 52. Each week I will tackle a new photographic challenge, and then post the finished image on my blog with a short desription of my adventures in tackling that week's challenge.
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! This is where YOU (yes, you!) come in. I want to hear project challenge suggestions from all of YOU. Just post a comment below my blog here, or on my facebook page, with ideas you have on what you"d like to see me take on as a challenge. Waterfalls? A particular sports action shot? A close-up of a bumblebee? (That last one was actually kinda scary, I dont like being up close and personal with bees, hehehe)
So go ahead and dream up some fun project ideas you'd like to see, and I'll do the same, and we'll see just what kinda of crazy adventures this new project takes me on!
Happy Dreaming,

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