Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project #2 - Winter Rose

I figured I better post this before I fall asleep on my computer and forget (again!) hahaha. I had a request to take a picture of snow on some bushes or leaves or something. I was almost prepared to go hike up a mountain to get to where the snow hadn't melted yet, But then last week, we had a wonderful dump of snow! yay! So when I got home for my lunch break, I rushed outside to take this pic of snow on the rosebush, before it all melted again! Good thing I did, cause it rained and rained and all the snow is gone now.
Keep all the requests and suggestions coming. And if I have to climb a mountain for you, I'll do it! All the bears are still sleeping right now anyways, hehe =)

Snowflakes and winter roses,

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