Monday, January 31, 2011

Project #4 - Broken Glass

 I arrived at Project #4 quite by accident today, as a matter of fact. My original intent for Project #4 was actually stained glass. I took a friend of mine (and her two little sidekicks, haha) along for the ride,  After having no luck with the stained glass (every church we came across was locked up and empty. And it's a Sunday today, so what's up with that? haha) we decided to head into town to do a bit of shopping, That's when I came across this BEAUTIFUL glass mosaic bowl.
I love mosaics. They are so artistic, so creative and resourceful.  Who knew broken glass could be made into something so eye-catching and beautiful?  It sparkles from every angle.  The thing is, all those bits of glass have to be broken in order to create this masterpeice of art.
Life isn't perfect,  Our lives (and our hearts) can sometimes feel like they've been broken apart and we don't know how or why certain situations turned out the way they did, like tiny pieces of shattered glass, instead of in one peice like we think it should be. But you know what? YOU are a masterpeice in the making,  You may not see how all the pieces fit together just yet. But one day you will be able to look back and see the masterpeice that those broken peices created. Each piece exactly where it should be, made perfect by a creator, the Master Artist, if you will, But these things take time, they don't all get carelessly thrown together at once. It takes patience and time to put each peice exactly where it needs to be.  But when it's finished, that glass shines brighter than before, each broken piece reflecting more light, adding more depth, more dimension and beauty.
So no matter how undone, how broken your life may feel at times, remind yourself that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be right now! You can shine in the midst of your brokeness and pain, knowing that one day, these broken times will shine bright as a single pieces of a  much larger masterpeice of your life. My favorite quote from Marilyn Monroe is this "... And sometimes good things fall apart, so that greater things can fall together"  Maybe she had things figured out a little more than people gave her credit for.

Some of the other mosiac peices that caught my eye today . . .

We had originally driven around looking for stained glass windows today but the locked church doors were
as close as we got!  hee hee

And no, I can't take a normal picture ever, even when I'm supposed to be driving!  =)

The kids started to fall asleep .  .  awww =)

 Wakey, wakey, Sunshine!

We had to wait for my friend to change her son's diaper, so me and the missy here waited in style. She looks pretty sharp wearing my sunglasses hey? haha. (and you gotta love the zebra print chair!)

(viewer discretion is advised )

Yes this REALLY IS what I think of valentines day, hahaha!  And yes I AM attemptng to strangle an innocent stuffed Love Monkey plush toy.  Ahem. Back to the rest of my photo adventure....

After a long day of hunting for stained glasss windows, driving, shopping and photo taking, and about 641 bathroom breaks ( hee hee)  we finally made it back to my friend's house for pizza. 

 This pic here was taken by her 4 year old daughter ( well I cropped it a bit, haha) Not bad hey? A budding future photographer one day? My eventual successor perhaps?   I guess we"ll just have to wait and see!

That was my lil' "photo adventure" day in trying to find project #4 for you. It didn't turn out the way I'd expected, but I think it worked out pretty well =)

Mosaics and (stuffed) Monkeys,


  1. This is an amazing blog Janice! I love it!!!! Your insight to and perspective on life is refreshing. <3

  2. Not sure if my last comment went through - my comptuer is playing tricks on me. What a wonderful, insightful post, Janice.

    Lovely macro photos!

    Looks like you had fun with your friend. That kid is a good shot with the camera, really!

    I'll catch up with you soon, Love, Barb