Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project #1 (of 52)

STUDIO SHOT - Since I started out as a hobby photographer almost 9 years ago now, studio work has always intimidated me. Partly because I could never afford all the big "fancy" studio lights and equipment other Pro photographers use. But also partly because being a self-taught student of this art, it has taken painstaking hours of trial and error to get the right setup for whatever final image I'm trying to achieve. I determined that this year I would begin my first project of Project 52 with my long-time challenge with studio lighting. So here it is! A friend of mine offered to be the victim... uh, I mean model (heehee) and I even tried my hand at makeup artistry! Yep, her makeup was done by little ol' me!

I figured hey, I dabble in a bit of acryclic and oil painting for fun, so painting on a face couldn't be too hard could it? It was actually alot harder than that! I have always held a strong respect for makeup artists, especially after watchign them work on some of the shoots I've been on,, but I now have an even bigger appreciation for all the hard work they do! Whew! I was actually quite pleased with the way it turned out, I may even consider trying that look out on myself the next time I have a big night out planned, haha .

All in all, it was a total blast. Here are a few more pics, some "behind the scenes' footage for ya. Nobody was around to snap a pic of any of my crazy acrobatic perches atop the ladder I used to get a few shots haha. Yes I go all out to shoot my subjects. I've even been known to hang off the side of a tower of hay bales to get my shot! haha.

So there ya have it, project #1 of 52! Since it wasnt posted until the beginning of week 2 (oops) I will post project #2 pretty quick here also. But for now, you got to see the final image as well as a few pics of my lil' adventure I had in getting the pic!
To see more of the pics from this shoot, visit my facebook page:
Have a great week and lots of lil" adventures!

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  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful model and beautiful makeup. You amaze me, Janice! Looking forward to your next project.

    Love, Barb