Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in Business, Baby!

Although I usually steer clear of Boxing Day sales and their ridiculously rowdy shoppers (not to be confused with the ridiculously INSANE Black Friday shoppers) I had an important mission this year: REPLACE MY CAMERA!
As some of you know, my camera and all my gear ( and my laptop) had been stolen during a break in at my house back in the summer and while Telus had replaced my laptop, I still had no camera. So after months of trying to scrape together whatever I could possibly set aside (and a generous donation from my family to my "camera fund") I braved the crowds to hunt for a good Boxing Day deal on a new camera and YAY! I found one!
So my camera and I are safe and sound back at home, and I am ready to start the new year out with a new camera and some great new adventures! And yes, this pic that I posted here is hopefully the last one taken from my cellphone for awhile, hehe =)
Happy New Adventures,

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