Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project #3 - Mist & Ice

It's amazing how mist can change the look of the same scene, within minutes of the last frame you shoot. I wanted to get a good shot of the mist over the lake as I was driving home on my lunch break, and I actually stopped to get this one with my cellphone, I was worried that if I had waited to run home to grab my camera that the scene would have changed before I got back to the lake, I was right!
After I took this photo, I jumped back into the car and tore home, grabbed my camera and literally RAN to the end of my street ( only a block) to the lake to take the photo, only to find that I had left the memory card in my laptop. DOH! So back I ran to the house - who says art can't be good exercise?! Once I had my wits about me again ( ok well, maybe just my memory card ) I took the rest of the photos.
Mist and fog is SUCH a fun element to play with in photos becuase it changes the scene so dramatically from one second to the next, These photos were taken in 5 minute intervals and the scenes look radically different. I have more requests for different fog/mist projects , so I am really looking forward to those also! Here are more of the photos as the sun burned away the remainder of the morning fog.

I thought I would point out that this is not a 'still shot" of moving water - the lake here is COMPLETELY FROZEN. I just thought it looked really awesome that it literally froze in mid-wave.
From foggy days and frozen waves,


  1. Hi Janice,

    Love your photography. I think you showed me the winter rose one before? I was inspired by your ice theme to post on my blog too, and I linked you today in my post. The amazing thing about ice is it changes every single day.

    Missed you today - will connect yet. Hope you had a great weekend.

    ~ Barb

  2. That is beautiful! Barb pointed me at your blog! YAY! We can connect even better! *HUGS*