Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Search for Spring Gear Begins Here

While I'm in the process of re-building up my assortment of photographic equipment (after a break in that left me robbed of almost all of it)  I am searching the internets for some really funky gear to haul my current gear around in!
Since I'm always on the run, I hate lugging around more than I need to. Laptop bag, camera bag AND a purse? NO WAY!  I want something to carry around my laptop, my camera,  AND my wallet, keys, cellphone and sunglasses. (with a handy lil' pocket to carry a lipstick as well? hey, I'm still a woman, after all! haha) 
So begins the search.....
I found some awesome, lightweight laptop sleeve/bags, one of which was love at first sight:

Laurex 17" Laptop Sleeve w/ Handle and Shoulder Strap

While it looks light and low maintance to carry around, it's basically just a sleeve with a strap.  Nowhere to fit all my junk!  So moving on, I found....

Tote Couture Quilted Laptop Case

The front pocket is perfect for all my personal crap,  but still no room for my camera! But look how pretty!  I  love the color and zebra print oh-so-much! I think maybe it would be okay to carry around this one on days I don't have my large SLR camera on me? ( nowadays I always carry a small digital camera for photo "emergencies" that I could easily fit in this bag with the rest of my stuffs)

My other option is to find a camera bag that will fit my camera and junk, sans laptop.  THAT would be okay as well.  I don"t usually need both my laptop AND my camera with me at the same time anyways unless I'm travelling.. Dare I go that direction instead?
Just when I began to think it was my only option, and that the elusive all-in-one bag was merely a practical daydream...
...I found it.
 The ultimate in all-in-one convenience, that doesn't scream "I'm a camera bag, steal me!" and is modern, funky,  and definittely not-your-dad's-camera-bag!

I like the bright orange red and black one on the right!
And! And! And! It's big enough to fit my laptop - and- my camera -and- all my other junk!
Now if only I can invent a way to strap a portable tripod to the side of that thing.!  =)

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