Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New Neighbors!

As I left the house this morning to drive my kiddies to school, I met my newest neighbors, who just happened to be waddling around in my front yard! Upon my return, they were still quacking about, so I figured they might be hungry. I grabbed a few bread loaf ends and my camera and ran outside to snap a few pics of these cute little dudes (and I think the third one is a gal).

I wish I could keep them as pets!. I'm hoping they'll come back again, so I can get a few more shots. I was pressed for time this morning, and they wouldn't stay still, although they did let me come surprisingly close to them. I was only about 2 feet away when I took this photo, absolutely no zoom lens required! But as you can see, they were on a fast-paced mission .

I have a busy rest of the day ahead of me, so I better make like these ducks and fly! Oh ,who am I kidding, I'\m more likely to waddle back to my office.

Visit your neighbors today, and wish them a happy Monday!
Or just feed them bread and take their picture, hahaha

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