Friday, March 18, 2011

Luck of the Irish?

WELL!! It appears that dear ol' Saint Patrick doesn't love me as much as I love him!  The luck of the Irish was definitely NOT with me yesterday, heh =)   Despite my attempts to be festive by baking green cupcakes for the holiday..

and YES!!! \those are marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal on top , hahaha =)
My day was actually going along pretty well, until....lunchtime.  You know those days that seem so typically ordinary that something out of the ordinary is ridiculously overdue?   Yeah.  Well I backed out of my reserved parking space in the back alley behind my office, and
 Accidently swiped the car that had passing behind me and had stopped just a few feet past, (in my blind spot). It wasn't their fault, they had stopped to let another vehicle back into the alley in front of them.
As irritated as I was with myself, I had to be thankful that nobody was hurt ( I was backing out slowly) and the damage was minimal and superficial ( just some scraped paint on both vehicles). BUT STILL!  Awwwww man, there goes 13 years of accident-free driving and thus-earned super-low insurance premiums!   I mean, if you're gonna wreck 'er, wreck 'er good! Right?  I'm still shaking my head over this one, but I'm not gonna let it get to me, haha. It could have been alot worse, at least my kids weren't with me!
Here is Thumper ( yes, I named my car after the weird thumping noises he makes, hahaha!) with a boo-boo on his bumper! 

Poor Thumper! 
Unfortunately he is going to have to go around looking like this for awhile. While insurance will cover it, I don't want to pay the deductible to have him fixed just yet. I had ear-marked the cash that I had this month to buy new matresses and bunkbeds for my kids, and that's more important than driving a pretty car! haha.  I won't wait too long to get him a new bumper cover and have it painted, but it's going to wait till after my road trip at Easter. I'm done with letting things like this come up and de-rail my already-set plans. And neither should you! 

Life happens. You can either let it throw you off balance, or you can keep your priorites in order, and keep reaching for your goals, no matter what!  My car's somewhat compromised appearance isn't iinterfering with my ability to drive it safely.  If everything happens for a reason, then maybe this was a test.  The big question being:  Am I going to keep my priorites in order, or am I going to let something minor and silly like this get to me?   Years ago I would have let something like this screw up my plans, and I would have been extremely disappointed  that I had to give up my plans. But I've been through alot of not-great things in my life, and (I won't get into it here) it taught me to just let the little things go. Life is too short to let things stop us from getting out and enjoying life!
Thumper is gong to be just fine for a few months with a scraped bumper, and I'm going to laugh it off, and go on a super -awesome, no,  I'm I'm going to go on a,
wait for it.....
road ttrip and take lots of awesome photos to post on here for you guys!

Irish Luck and Bumpers with Boo-Boo's,

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  1. Owwie! My poor friend. Sigh. Hugs. Chocolate?

    ~ Barb