Friday, December 3, 2010


Last night the kids and I decorated our tree!

It took us all week to decorate it due to a shortage of ribbon ) we had to make a run to the store to get more) and busy schedules (homework and music lessons, and my office at work had a decorating party too). But here she is, all ready for the holidays. At least that makes one of us, hehe.
My dearly loved cellphone, whom I lovingly named "Buttons" suddenly realized the other day that her warranty had expired not long ago, so she randomly threw a hissy fit and went all psycho on me! Luckily I managed to talk my providers into a brand new cell phone for FREE! I also tweaked my plan, and I have a much better deal than I had before. (the trick is simply to not take no for an answer with these guys) . So "Buttons 2.0" and I are going to continue our Cellphone Photography adventures together, and I thought I'd start with the first one of my tree!
May your trees be fancy and your cellphones be sturdy, hehehe
-J =)

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