Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Besides the oodles of homemade gifts my sons showered me with today ( I love them!) I wanted to share with you a particular item I got for my birthday this year - a pair of beautiful feather earrings, made for me by a girl in a local coffee shop! I admired the one she was wearing and when she said she made it herself I immediately placed a request! These handmade beauties are each one-of-a-kind originals ( she never makes the exact same pair twice) and just so you know, THERE WAS NO HARMING OF BIRDS IN THE MAKING OF THESE EARRINGS! They are made of 100% moulted feathers from bird sanctuaries. (She has a gorgeous orange parrot feather earring I have my eye on still, haha)
Besides being beautiful and unique, there is another reason these earrings are special to me. Do you know why birds moult their feathers? Becuause once a feather is matured (come to end of its life cycle) it is a dead structure. It becomes worn down and needs to be replaced. Healthy feathers grown in their place, necessary not only for controlling body temperature and keeping out moisture, but for proper flight.

People carry around dead feathers too, it's called "baggage." You all know what I'm talking about! And we walk around hanging on to all these dead feathers, and wonder why we can't ever seem to get off the ground! It can be extremely difficult letting go of the dead weight that is holding you down - believe me when I say I've been there! - but eventually you have to come to realize that's exactly what it is: dead weight holding you back from soaring the way you were meant to. It may have been a part of you in the past, but it's purpose has been fulfilled, it's life-cycle is over. And in order for healthy feathers to grow, the old ones MUST GO!
Feathers are meant to lift you OFF the ground, not drag you down in it!

As we are nearing the end of 2010, I encourage you to please, [PLEASE don't bring any "old feathers" into the new year with you! Let the new year bring new feathers, new opportunities and new people, and may your hearts finally get back to soaring freely the way they were meant to!

If you find you need a reminder to keep you moulting all those old "feathers", buy yourself a pair of earrings like I did, I'll let you know who to contact!

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, and HAPPY FLYING!!!! =)

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