Saturday, December 4, 2010


Christmas holidays are a time to celebrate, a time for reunions with loved ones, family and friends. It astounds me then, that even though christmas comes just a month and a half after Remembrance day, so many people forget the REASON we have the freedom to celebrate with our loved ones, or celebrate anything at all for that matter, is because of the men and women in service overseas who fight to give us that very freedom. Please take a minute or two to click on the link below. (I haven't found one for our Canadian troops yet so if you know of one PLEASE let me know!) As you are celebrating this season with your loved ones, please remember those who do not have that same luxury, those who are placing their lives on the line every day so that people like you and I have the freedoms we have. These selfless individuals all have families whose only Christmas wish is to have them come home safe and sound. Please keep them in mind. To see their stories, and watch the most inspiring real-life reunions that are certain to warm your heart right to your very soul, go to:

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