Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today . . .

 Ten years ago today, I held this awesome little dude in my arms for the first time, and fell head-over-heels for this precious baby boy of mine!   I feel so incredibly blessed to have  my constant lil' sidekick!
Once a upon a time he was only 6 lbs, 10 oz. and measured just 21 inches long!  Now when he stands next to me, his head comes to my shoulders! I know it won't be long before he whizzes past my lil" 5'2" self! ha ha ha
Yup, my first born baby hit a major life milestone today, with the double-digit birthday. I am so proud of my son!  He is one of the awesome-est people I have ever met. He makes me laugh so much, and he has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. His sensitive nature and compassionate heart make him a thoughtful, caring person who just wants to make everyone around him feel comfortable and included. He makes friends easily and shares freely. He is a fantastic little helper! He's incredibly bright, has a fantastic sense of humor, and endless energy.  He is the sunshine in my day.
Sometimes I wish he was just a little newborn baby again, so I could have just one more chance to scoop him up in my arms and rock him and sing him to sleep, since he is way to big and heavy for me to do that now!  I remember when he would cup my face with his chubby little toddler hands, look at me with his enormous blue eyes just inches away from mine, and tell me, " I yuv you, mama!"
Now I just enjoy every quick hug and the "bye, mom!" he gives me before he runs out the door to ride his bike with his friends.
I treasure every moment I get to have with this kid, because in just 8 short years, he will be graduating high school and beginning the next chapter of his precious life as he sets out on adventures on his own! ( But lets stop talking about that for now, hahaha)

Beaming With Pride, and Brimming with (nostalgic) Tears,

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    It's been a joy to watch you grow. You're all your Mom says and more. I did not see a "terrific comic artist" in there anywhere. I did not see a "fantastic singer" either. hehe.

    Can't wait to see what you will be when you grow up.