Friday, November 25, 2011

Project #44 - The Largest Pipe Organ Ive Ever Seen


|This is honestly the biggest pipe organ I have ever seen. Sure, there may be larger ones out there, but this one broke the record forones Ive seen in my lifetime so far, haha.
As mentioned in my last post, this was the organ I sleepily stared at in the cathedral as I waited for the impending checkin time for my flat so I could finally SLEEP!
Below is a photo I took from another angle to show you how big "them pipes" were in relation to the organ's keyboard on the ground below. To get the angle, I had to lay down on the floor next to the foot pedals. This was a dangerous move, not because of the massive tourist foot traffic (which there was alot of) but becuase I nearly fell asleep as soon as I hit the floor, hahaha.

See how gi-normous those organ pipes are? They took up the whole wall of the cathedral! Now that's what I call A Strong set Of Pipes!  
I'm sorry, I must still be tired, hahaha

Pipe Organs and Naps on the Floor,
- J

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