Monday, November 21, 2011

Project #43 Arches

This is that same church in Iceland, from the inside. I arrived in Reykjevik at 6 am and by the time I got into the city itself it was almost 8 am. I hadn't slept all night ( I can't sleep on planes very well, - I am a nervous flier to begin with) so I was exhausted. Unfortunately I couldnt check into the flat until noon, so I ate breakfast, and then tried to find somewhere to rest until then, so that I wouldnt have to lug around all my luggage in the pouring rain.
I sought sanctuary in this,  well,, sanctuary-  and rested in the pews as I listened to the organist play the largest pipe organ I've ever seen.  I spent alot of time taking photos in there, more to amuse myself and try to stay awake than anything else, hahaha. Honestly, at that point I just needed sleep. (I did go back another day and fully enjoyed the time exploring.)
Here is one of my favorite shots , taken from a slouched half laying, half sitting position in the pews, becuase I was too tired to stand up, hahaha.

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  1. Hi Sweet Friend!

    Loving your photos - arches always are a magnet for me. There is a bridge at Florence, Oregon and I always have to go explore under the bridge there because there are these arches which make a terrific photo. Remind me sometime.

    I'm soooo busy getting ready for my craft fairs (one this Sunday at the senior's centre if you can make it? 10-2!) but I was grateful we got a chance to connect recently.

    Hope you have a super weekend!
    Love, Barb