Friday, November 18, 2011

Project #42 - HOT SPOT

This is the famous BLUE LAGOON just outside Reykjavik, Iceland.  The natural hot spring lagoon was created when the leftover water used in the countryy's geothermal water supply was pumped out, and formed a basin where the mineral rich piping hot spring water collected in a pool of azure bliss.   Because the water is so warm, the lagoon is open year round and is one of the country's biggest tourist attractions.
I had hoped the water would be "hot-tub" temperature, but it turned out to feel just a little warmer than baby-safe bathwater, haha. That is, until I discovered the pipes running along the edges of the lagoon, that carried in the piping hot water up from its smouldering underground hideout.  I huddled in the "hot spots' ( which were indeed hotter than any hot tub I've ever been in) and I cleverly followed the "hot spots' as the drifted around, hahaha

They also had buckets of white silica mud all around the lagoon. You're supposed to slather it on your skin,  face, neck, arms, back, wherever you want really, to give you skin a spa-like cleansing mask treatment. I have never seen so many people with white-mud caked faces. We all looked like the extras' cast in a Twilight movie, hahaha!

Watching the white snow fall and wishing I was covered in white mud again,

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