Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I did NOT take this photo, I was in the raft!  This photo is courtesy of the staff photographer at Interior Whitewater Expeditions. Their expert pro guided us through the rapids of the Clearwater river in Wells Gray Park.  And WHOA BABY!  was it ever exciting, hahaha.

This was my first time whitewater rafting, and it was quite an adventure! I will post more photos of my own soon. I camped in the area for the weekend, and did some great hikes in the park trails. I was scared of bears, but thankfully didnt come into contact with any! 

What I DID encounter however, were SWARMS of misquitos. People had warned me to bring bug spray, which I stocked up on.  But what they SHOULD have suggested was 50 yards of misquito netting and a Haz-Mat suit!   hahahahaha

I'm so covered in bites that I look like I have the chicken pox!  hahaha.  I'm all out of bug spray, and fully stocked on Watkins Bite Balm, hee hee.

Wishing I had a HazMat suit,

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