Monday, August 29, 2011

Project #29 :Vintage

Doesn"t it just make you want to reach out and plunk a few keys, just to hear that clickety clack sound? As much as I adore this vintage typewriter ( from the year 1900!) I'm not sure I would have gotten along with one of these very well, I use the backspace button on my computer far too regularly, hahaha.  They didnt have white-out liquid paper back then either, so it probably would have taken me an hour just to type a paragraph the size of this post here!

Well, I'm off to post another photo project for you, and type a post to go with it,  while probably hitting the backspace key at least 2,467 times, hee hee =)

Wishing my computer keyboard made loud clickety-clack sounds,


  1. I see this typewriter has some keys stuck together already...are you sure you weren't using this one? :)


  2. IT WASN'T ME! Ahem, I mean.... Shhhhhhh! don't tell =)