Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project #25 The Steam Engine

Train travel has always been my favorite transportation of choice.  But a vintage STEAM ENGINE?  Now we're really talkin'! I can't explain my endless fascination with steam trains. I love the sound of that whistle too! 
My sons loved trains from a very young age also,  Partly because when my oldest son was barely a toddler, a train went by our house almost 6 times a day.  So to keep him from being afraid of the loud racket and the house shaking, I would run him to the upstairs window so he could watch the train go by.  He loved waving and yelling ``choo choo``as it went by, and this began his childhood obession with trains. Of course when his brother was born, he naturally followed suit.  They still have their wooden track  and train set ( thank you, makers of |Thomas the Tank Engine, hahaha) and  all their 6,452 trains and accessories that went along with it , hehe.
I took the boys on a 90 minute train ride just a couple weeks ago, and they loved it!  They were given "bingo" cards and pencils to try to spy as many things along the trip on the cards as they could.  There was also a guy playing the banjo for entertainment as we rode!  The view through the valley we rode through was breaktaking. Wine country really is stunning.  Here are a few more photos of our train adventure day

I`d love to sbare more about our fun train adventure, but it:s 12:30 am and I`ve already accidently selected and erased this entiire post TWICE already, and I have a killer headache already that I just don`t feel I can stay up to deal with any longer: hahaha
 I need to get to bed before I fall asleep with the computer on my lap.
Lots of Advil and not-too-loud  train whistles,


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