Monday, July 25, 2011

Trading (Work)Spaces

My love of a good DIY project got the better of me again the other day. After searching stores and wandering websiites for a desk for smy sons's room without any luck, I finally came across a desk in need of a little TLC., My thrifty bargain-loving,  "fix-it-up-good-as new" artsy side yelled out before I could stop myself, "I'LL TAKE IT!" hahaha =)

A good scrubdown and a new coat of paint was all this little desk needed to look right at home in the kids room.  It is now in full use a honework station, though at the moment it is the central hub of their very own artistic comic book creations.

More DIY projects coming soon, I have a patio table and chairs to fix up! In fact, I am planning to completely re-vamp my whole deck, so maybe I'll do a "Pimp My Patio" kind of  post, hahaha.

Dashing Desks and Pimped Patios,

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